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Clean Room and HVAC

Our Services

  • HVAC System :
    1. Detail design of complete HVAC system for Residential, Commercial, industrial Cineplex, hospital, health centre and clean room application.
    2. Heat load calculation, equipment specification ducting layout, chilled water piping lay out equipment selection and schedules.
    3. Inter phasing among different services, bill of quantity, tender specification for complete HVAC system as well as for individual equipment.
    4. Techno commercial evolution of tenders, Co-ordination & interpretation of test readings, adherence certification to design parameters.
    5. Consultancy on HVAC system- air cooled chiller, chilled water pumps, air Handling units water cooled chillers, cooling Tower, fans & distribution system.
    6. Direct expansion system- DX- AHU condensing Units.
    7. Complete ventilation system- Centrifugal and axial flow fan.
    8. Steam system.
    9. Testing and commissioning of entire system.

  • Clean Room System :
    1. Clean room wall.
    2. Ceiling
    3. .Partition.
    4. Doors.
    5. Window.
    6. Clean room accessories

  • Project Management :
    1. Project Management for all electromechanical works.
    2. Deploy men power for supervision of works.
    3. Check quality and quantity of works
    4. "ON TIME" Completion of Projects.

  • Electrical and Mechanical

Our Clients :

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